Steelflower at Sea

Lili Saintcrow
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After pitched battle, betrayal, and escape, Kaia Steelflower has enough gold to feed her troupe of outcasts through the winter. She can settle them in a small villa in Antai, that queen of maritime cities, and look forward to welcome boredom.

Unfortunately, there's a pirate-infested sea to cross, her difficult new talents to corral, her traveling companions' problems to solve, a princeling's attentions to manage, and once in Antai, people keep trying to kill her. Or, more precisely, assassinate the barbarian Redfist, and Kaia keeps getting in the way.

Even the Steelflower can't kill every assassin in the city. It's going to take all her sharp wits--and sharper blades--to even try...

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  • Length
    36 pages
  • Size495 KB
  • Length36 pages
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Steelflower at Sea

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